Finance Service Management

The smart way to manage Finance, Projects and Resources

Our finance service management and accounting software streamlines the way you manage your finances. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to manage all aspects of finance from accounts payable to payroll and beyond.

Empower your finance & accounting with integrated, scalable and automated systems.

Capture all relevant details and automate time consuming tasks to resolve financial requests in a timely manner.

A scalable solution for finance, accounting and auditing departments that saves your team time and increases productivity through automation.

Connecting clients to suppliers in your e-procurement system. Lets you work efficiently with hundreds of suppliers. You can set up a project, invite the required suppliers and share documents.

Invoice Approval is an easy-to-use, powerful online invoicing software for businesses. It helps streamline the process of creating and sending professional looking invoices, collecting payments and tracking outstanding bills.

Achieve Seamless and Efficient Vendor On-/Off-Boarding Using Smart Forms, Built-in Automation in all the Right Places.

The business value of Finance Service Management

Productivity Increase

Consolidated and integrated processes to reduce the number of touches. No-Code automation to reduce time and skills in building workflows. Case, Incident or request deflection through omnichannel self-service as well as automated assignments and routing.

Quicker resolution

Dashboards, Reports and integrated BI/analytics allow better tracking of KPIs creating the right insight for superior service delivery and faster performance. Intelligent Knowledge management. Completes this at the customer, employee and at IT staff level.

Faster Time to Market & Innovate

A simple but comprehensive platform. with no-code development and intelligent integration (iPaaS), make application delivery much faster. Additionally, because of low maintenance and easy upgrades, users get access to new capabilities sooner.

Higher Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Through intelligent and consumerized engagement combined with efficient fulfilment, your customers / citizens / patients / passengers / students / partners... will show a higher satisfaction, be less likely to seek alternatives and even promote your services.

More Satisfied Users

By offering them a simple, intuitive and omni-channel system of engagement, but also an insight into the progress of their requests, incidents or cases.

Less Cases, Requests or Incidents

Through efficient multi-channel self-service including Virtual Agents (Al Bots), intelligent knowledge mgmt. and social, community or collaborative approaches.

More Automated Processes

Rapidly building/configuring no code automations to relieve staff from manual, mundane, repetitive and eventually error-prone tasks, or complicated end-to-end enterprise processes.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Low administrative requirements, easy and rapid upgrades, low development or configuration costs, flexibility in hosting and attractive licensing models contribute to a significantly lower TCO.

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