Project Portfolio Management (PPM)​

Simplify your Project Portfolio Management with the latest Agile project management & control solution.

Capture project requests and prioritise them instantly based on real data that ensures you execute the right projects at the right time.

Gain valuable insight into your business with Demand Management.

Now you can see which projects will bring the most value to your organisation, where your bottlenecks are and what your critical resource capacity is (planned vs actual).

Spending estimates and planned cost vs actual cost is available for all types of projects.

Take control of the projects that matter most to your business.

The Portfolio Management approach aligns all your demands and projects with the key strategic corporate objectives.

It has been developed by practising portfolio managers, who understand the challenges involved in managing a portfolio of multiple interconnected projects or demands.

It offers a systematic framework (and associated tools) which you can use to deal with these demands, better control your project / programme delivery, and also improve your organisational outcomes.

Whether you’re collaborating as a team or leading the charge, our Project Management add-on is right at your side.

It adds features that help you manage projects with ease, including instant visibility into project health and other status triggers via summary and detail dashboards, advanced role-based navigation, setting dependencies between tasks, collecting and reviewing historical data to help inform future decisions, creating budgets across tasks and projects, and more.

Resource Management is a project management application available as on demand or subscription-based cloud service for managing projects and resources.

The Resource Management user interface combines task and resource management with reports for all situations from very small to highly complex projects so that you can manage any project using a single application.

Cartoon Illustration of Project Portfolio Management (PPM)​

What is Project Portfolio Management?

Easy SM privdes the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) system enterprise designed to track and manage projects, tasks, team members, and budgets in details.

The system has been developed to be simple to use, while at the same time offering enterprise-level functions such as high-availability clustering, distributed resources, role-based access control, data integration of different sources, multi-currency accounts. And much much more!

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