Facilities Service Management (FASM)

Save time and money, increase efficiency and optimise asset utilisation.

Give facilities managers a unified platform to manage their operations. Help employees quickly find what they need, easily place requests and track the status of their open work orders. Facilities staff get a single system to manage all their work, communications, and reporting.

Automate project workflows, track time and materials, schedule recurring maintenance tasks, manage resources and work assignments, and more. Increase efficiency by using one system to define, manage and report on facilities services and track key elements of your facilities projects.

Gain greater visibility into work orders,
property status, scheduled maintenance,
space utilization, and more.
Intelligent, real-time information improves accuracy and decision making, making it easy to spot trends, identify bottlenecks, and target areas for improvement.

Cartoon Illustration of Facilities Service Management

What is Facilities Service Management?

The Facilities Service Management application lets users request changes to the operation and maintenance of your facilities. The facilities staff can then track these requests and make the necessary changes.

The Facilities Service Management application offers the following benefits:
  • Indicates the location of a facility request so the facilities team knows exactly where users encountered the issue.
  • Identifies configuration items (CIs) for each facility request so you know which items in your infrastructure are also impacted.
  • Allows any user in the system to view all open facilities requests. Users can see the facilities issues that have already been reported before they submit a new request.

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