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IT Service Management (ITSM)​

Total visibility, automation and optimisation for your IT Service Management

Upgrade to a powerful service desk with integrated processes built on a common platform with a shared CMDB

Benefit from the eleven most commonly used ITIL processes, all verified in Cherwell Service Management.

Submit requests for goods and services, report issues, and check status. Handle associated tickets, fulfilling requests and remediate incidents.

Simplify configuration and improve the experience of one of the most challenging to implement ITSM processes.

Improve ITSM processes by centrally managing configuration items, utilizing associated information, and visualizing relationships.

Track and manage the life cycle of hardware and software assets supported by the service desk

External Customer Service Mgmt. (XCSM)

Registration, On-boarding, Contracts, Products or Services, Entitlements, Contacts,…

Resolve customer issues, requests or inquiries through dynamic case forms, mass case mgmt. and the corresponding tasks & routing workflow automation.

Provide customers with easy, omni-channel access to information on their products or services and engage them

Dispatch the right service staff with the right skills, equipment and instructions to solve customer issues rapidly

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Simplify your project portfolio with the lastest Agile project management & control solution.

Capture project requests and prioritise them based on real data that ensures you execute the right projects at the right time

Align all your demands and projects with key strategic corporate objectives

Create projects and manage their lifecycle with instant visibility into project health and other status triggers via summary and detail dashboards

Always know you have the right resources at the right time for all your projects

Facilities Service Management (FASM)

Save time and money, increase efficiency and optimise asset utilisation.

Give facilities managers a unified platform to manage their operations. Help employees quickly find what they need, easily place requests and track the status of their open work orders. Facilities staff get a single system to manage all their work, communications, and reporting.

Automate project workflows, track time and materials, schedule recurring maintenance tasks, manage resources and work assignments, and more. Increase efficiency by using one system to define, manage and report on facilities services and track key elements of your facilities projects.

Gain greater visibility into work orders,
property status, scheduled maintenance,
space utilization, and more.
Intelligent, real-time information improves accuracy and decision making, making it easy to spot trends, identify bottlenecks, and target areas for improvement.

Human Resources Service Mgmt (HRSM)

Automate internal on/off-boarding and transition processes and integrate with other department workflows to make new hire transitions easy and efficient.

Increase HR staff productivity by resolving the majority of direct employee inquires through dynamic case forms, mass case mgmt. and the corresponding tasks & routing workflow automation.

Provide employees with easy, omni-channel access to information on their employment, benefits and company culture.

Manage the entire lifecycle of employee documents: E-Sign, classification, auditing, security and retention periods, bulk uploads, and more.

Information Security Service Mgmt (ISSM)

Save time and money, increase efficiency and optimise asset utilisation.

Minimise the impact of security events and incidents with automated and proven security lifecycle management.

Streamline security compliance for drama-free audits by having a unified framework and dashboards to improve efficiency and control.

Improve your visibility into GDPR management from security controls to incident management to managing data requests from data subjects.

Service Management Solutions for the Digital Age

Powerful automation for the modern enterprise

Workflow automation and virtual agents that streamline and scale support in your business - from dealing with simple questions to resolving complex support requests.

Make it easy. Make it happen.

Companies spend 20% of their budget to resolve problems. easysm integrates service management across functions and technologies to give companies better visibility on services, improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs by 10%

Simple, scalable and efficient

Built for your data in mind, easysm is a unique no-code platform that enables the rapid development and deployment of enterprise-grade customisations.

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