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Transform your digital service with easysm

Modern workplaces are dependent on technology, data, and processes—workers need access to information and support to do their jobs. As the number of systems has grown and the ability to connect them has become more complex, services have become fragmented. easysm aims to restore holistic, simple and transparent IT service management across workgroups.

Simple, smart & scalable

easysm helps organisations transform their service experiences and automate processes using data that spans across silos. This approach to digital transformation is delivered faster and at a significantly lower cost than traditional approaches.

What is easysm?

easysm completely automates your Service Management journey. The ‘easy’ platform removes your need for expensive service management consultants by automating your onboarding and making your administration tasks as easy as 1,2,3

easysm comes with a free starter licence, get immediate value and start servicing your customers with mature ITIL processes for FREE!

Only start paying when you need more users or more functionality. Get involved and see how easysm is making IT easier!

Are you ready to start?

Ready to make the jump and start powering up your companies service management, click the link below to get started!

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