Human Resources Service Mgmt (HRSM)

HRMS streamlines every workflow in your HR business, empowering HR to effectively execute their role in achieving organisational goals. It offers a complete suite of employee management.

Automate internal on/off-boarding and transition processes and integrate with other department workflows to make new hire transitions easy and efficient.

Increase HR staff productivity by resolving the majority of direct employee inquires through dynamic case forms, mass case mgmt. and the corresponding tasks & routing workflow automation.

Provide employees with easy, omni-channel access to information on their employment, benefits and company culture.

Manage the entire lifecycle of employee documents: E-Sign, classification, auditing, security and retention periods, bulk uploads, and more.

Cartoon Illustration of Human Resource Service Management

What is Human Resources Service Management?

HR Service Management for the non-scoped version of HR benefits your enterprise by automating standard HR processes within your organization that support relationships between employees and the HR department.

The enterprise HR department uses the HR Service Management application. An enterprise HR department is composed of many areas, such as employee relations, benefits administration, policy enforcement, recruitment and employment, and performance management. 

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